We take responsiblity for Quality Assurance process in IT projects

B2B provides tests outsourcing services. Our experience, qualified IT team members and modern equipment allow us to provide the best service for our clients. We are confident that our clients will be satisfied with the outcome of our work, due to the high quality of services we offer. B2B provides a personalized approach to every client, thus effectively meeting all the clients’ expectations.

B2B offers several models of project realization:

  • Tests and project realization in the B2B office
  • Tests in the B2B office, project realization in client’s office
  • Tests and project realization in client’s office

Clear and comprehensible methods of collaboration:

  • Clearly defined responsibilities of the QA team
  • Regular and instant reports on the progress of project realization
  • Fixed price for the majority of projects

Cost-effective model of collaboration:

  • No client cost for software testing equipment
  • Lowered cost of project management
  • No need to provide office space for project realization