Servers hosting

The B2B network offers server hosting services, we make sure that all your data is confidential and safe. The benefits of server hosting with the B2B network are safety and stability as well as lowered cost of servers maintenance.

We provide the highest quality of services with appropriate administrative care, safe internet connection, high performance cooling systems and constant electricity supply.


What are the benefits of joining the B2B server hosting center?

  • continuous monitoring of your devices
  • access to web data
  • właściwe warunki temperaturowe
  • consultations with administrators
  • advanced security

The B2B network offers server hosting services suitable for each client irrespective of

  • the device type – we accept free-standing and rack devices
  • the size of the device – from 1U to 40U, cover type from desktop to BigTower
  • the electric power required by the device
  • the voltage of the power supply (400V, 230V, 48VDC)

All of or server hosting services are offered in the package with several free services such as the basic power supply and amongst others. Wiring costs starts at as low as 1 PLN (+tax).
We encourage you to contact our Trading Department.