We are qualified in test automation used in the most advanced IT systems

Tests automation has become very abundant and widely used in recent years due to the greater availability of automation tools and 70% lower cost compared to manual tests. Money saved using tests automation can be invested in more advanced testing which results in creation of higher quality of systems and software.

We have long term experience in tests automation. Our IT consultants are experts in using commercial and Open-Source tools. While working on the project our IT experts choose the software and tools compatible with the ones used by our clients. This allows our clients to take the lead on the project at every stage and continue work using own teams. Scripts we use are created based on the most popular automation tools like Selenium Webdriver, TestComplete, HP QTP/UFT, Telerik. The software languages we use are Java, C#, PHP, Python, VBScript and many more.

Stages of realization of automated tests services

Application analysis
The first stage of project realization is the application analysis to check the technology used and complexity of business processes.

Tool choice
The second stage is the choice of the most suitable tool compatible with the technology of the application.

Environment preparation
The third stage is the preparation of the testing environment including capacity planning and tools preparation (version control systems, test runs enginees, generators etc.).

Project finalization
The last stage is the automated script preparation for tests marked as ready to automation in previous stages.

Our IT experts have multiple years of experience in tests automation, gained during collaboration with clients from various fields and sectors.