We monitor 100% of our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the benefits of system monitoring? Just to mention a few, system monitoring allows us to spot components of the system that are likely to decrease the functionality of the system as a whole, it facilitates testing processes and allows to precisely detect sources of error in the system.

Monitoring tools that we offer to our clients allow for constant tracking of 100% of operations and access to all information available including the functionality of the system and its code (JAVA, .NET, PHP). It allows to eliminate all errors before they affect the functionality of the system and satisfaction of users of the final version of the application. System monitoring helps to define the exact source of error which accelerates the process of system repair.

We offer three types of monitoring services based on our customers’ needs:

Synthetic monitoring
testing of business processes by robots performing automated scripts similar to real life users’ work. We use customized solutions and commercial tools.

Agent based monitoring
allows for tracking 100% of operations on every level (from the basic code level to end user experience). We use Dynatrace AppMon – market leader in APM world.

Agent-less monitoring
The efficiency analysis of the application and the web using Dynatrace Data Center RUM.

Varied technological support
  • SAP
  • Oracle EBS
  • Web, Mobile
  • Desktop
Support for the whole SDLC
  • Production
  • Performance tests
  • Functional tests
  • Continuous Integration
Different users - different points of view
  • Users of the final version of the application
  • Business transactions
  • The quality of the code
  • The efficiency of web
  • Application services
  • Hardware