We test and monitor the efficiency of web and desktop applications.

We acknowledge that all companies value the efficiency, availability and quality of the IT systems they use. The efficiency and functionality of applications offered to our clients are the key to success of their business. It also reflects the quality of the company itself. Thus, we make efforts to offer the best IT services possible. This in turn improves the quality of our clients’ applications and services offered. The efficiency tests aim to guarantee that applications will work properly despite the amount of people using them at the same time.

Our IT experts carry out the following efficiency tests:

Performance Testing

  • tests how fast the most important functions of the system work
  • tests how the main business processes are carried out in the system or application

Load Testing

  • tests how the system or application works when used by the high number of users at the same time
  • tests how many requests the application can respond to without errors

Stress Testing

  • tests how the application or system work while purposefully overloaded with the number of requests and users
  • tests how the application or system responds to errors caused by stress and overloading

The B2B company uses highly specialized tools and testing environments, which resemble the way the application is used by customers in the real life conditions. We use Open-Source tools such as Jmeter and commercial tools like HP LoadRunner, Neoload. Our IT experts test the systems very carefully, looking into the structure of the basic building blocks of the system. It allows for precise identification of elements that decrease the efficiency of the system and elements that require optimization.
We are very flexible. Depending on our customers’ needs we carry out tests in our office or clients’ office.