We carry out the integrating tests on every level of complexity

We offer several techniques such as Top-Down, Bottom-Up and Big Bang that allow detailed testing of systems and applications. We are aware that even the smallest error can result the entire system failing. That is why our tests are so detailed and complex. We aim to minimize the risks by integrating all components of the system.

We choose the most suitable technique to provide the best quality of service and affordable price

  • while testing unique processes we use manual techniques that guarantee detailed documentation and analysis
  • while testing highly repetitive processes we use automated techniques that minimize the time of project finalization and its cost

We don’t wait for the entire system to be completed before testing

  • we provide stubs that allow for application testing before its complete development
  • we create drivers that test the correctness of the processes before the delivery of the graphic interfaces

We test every level of integration

  • on the level of components
  • on the level of products
  • on the level of ‘system of systems’

Stages of finalization of the Integrating tests

  • Analysis of the starting point – the choice of the optimal technique
  • Definition of the extent of testing- the determination of possible sources of errors
  • Tools preparation – programming of drivers and stubs
  • Tests realization – automated and manual tests
  • Tests finalization – data documentation and report completion

Varied techniques

  • Big Bang
  • Top down
  • Bottom up

Varied tools

  • SoapUI
  • SOATest
  • HP UFT
  • Rozwiązania autorskie

Varied technologies

  • JAVA
  • C#, .NET
  • Wirtualizacja usług HP Service Virtualisation