We provide the very best quality services for the biggest IT projects.

Development of IT systems is very dynamic and active industry. In order for us to provide the best quality of services it is necessary to adjust continually to these changes. Because of the level of competency of our IT experts, and their extensive experience in the field we are able to meet this requirement and deliver the very best in IT services.

Planning and standardization

We offer advanced services that allow us to utilize up-to-date methods and systems to  fulfill our customers’ needs. Thus, we provide:

  • Strategies and plans of testing processes tailored to each project
  • The template of quality assurance documents
  • The choice of best suited methods and tools
  • The ROI analysis of tests automation
  • Carefully chosen testing teams

Preparation and execution

Our IT experts can help you with testing tasks such as:

  • The analysis and preparation of tests
  • The design of testing cases and testing data
  • Manual tests
  • The automation of functional tests
  • Performance tests
  • Integrating tests

Monitoring, control and optimization

We make sure that all tests are effective and understandable for our customers:

  • We coordinate the testing tasks
  • We create up-to-date tools used to report the testing process
  • We analyze and optimize the process