We offer IT Outsourcing services which facilitate successful accomplishment of major IT projects.

IT Outsourcing is an effective managing strategy for companies that decide not to develop their own IT resources. It is also a useful tool for companies that want to resolve their current IT issues or add complexity to existing IT services.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

  • Easy and fast access to services offered by experts,
  • Lowered cost of services and increased efficiency,
  • No risk linked with hiring new employees.

IT Outsourcing services offered by our company include

  • Body Leasing,
  • Team Leasing,
  • Outsourcing of QA projects

Body Leasing and Team Leasing allow our clients to define exactly what type of IT services are required to accomplish the project. B2B analyses those requirements and carefully chooses the most qualified IT experts. Once our clients accept the chosen IT Outsourcing team, our experts start to work on the projects presented by the client. The fee for the IT team is calculated using the Time & Material Model. B2B provides all the necessary equipment and tools that allow the exact amount of hours dedicated to finalizing the project to be calculated.

Outsourcing of QA projects is most often carried out in the B2B office. We use Open-Source and commercial tools. Our method of dealing with projects is based in the SCRUM methodology. This method is coherent with The Agile Manifesto. This approach allows us to finalize projects very efficiently. It also guarantees clients’ satisfaction. In B2B we use Fixed-Price method when it comes to project realization.

Testers employed in the Body Leasing sector:

  • Manual Tester
  • Test Automation Specialist
  • Performance Test Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Test Manager

Functional Tests
Test Automation
Performance Tests
System Integration Testing
Quality Assurance